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 How to Best Get Promoted

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PostSubject: How to Best Get Promoted   Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:45 am

Hello everyone, 

For those that may be wondering how to go about earning promotions I'd like to throw a few pointers your way. Please do remember we will have many members vying for promotions, so you will not earn a general rank overnight. In this clan, ranks are earned based on effort, dedication, and devotion to the clan.

  • I do not solely issue promotions. Administrators of the clan chat have equal say when it comes to ranks. The RSNs of potential candidates are discussed in-game and in voice-communication. When it is time for promotions only a select few will be promoted, based on whether they have a majority of administrators backing them up.

  • There is a system to our promotions. When members beg for promotions it appears they are only here for power. Remember, promotions are earned, not given, and we want only those truly here to help the clan grow to be promoted.

How to potentially earn promotions:

  • One way to show you are here to help the clan grow is by bumping our OSRS forum thread. You can find it on one of the first few pages of the 'Old School Clans' forum. Signing into Runescape and commenting 'Bump' (or anything else) on our thread will 'Bring Up My[Our] Post' to the first page. That helps newcomers looking for clans see our thread more easily.

  • A second way to help the clan grow and show you are active is through direct invitation of newcomers. If you are slaying, barrowing, skilling, or bankstanding, feel free to invite the people around you to the clan. Although I won't know who invited everyone, when I survey random newcomers about how they found us, chances are, if you are truly recruiting, your name will be mentioned.

  • Another way to show you are active is by attending our clan events. Although you may not be directly promoted by doing so, you essentially are branding your RSN to myself, ranks, and the clan. We will see you are active, which shows there is some level of care for the clan, so over time, your name will become more familiar. This may spark talks about your name when we discuss promotions.

  • helping out in the clan can additionally demonstrate your willingness to grow and benefit the clan. By assisting other members with advice, encouraging others to recruit or bump the thread, and helping promote clan events, you set yourself apart from the rest of the clan. Members who go above and beyond what the majority of others do are definitely appearing on our radar.

  • Being active on the forums is another way to show you are interested. Not only does it benefit yourself for promotions, there are many amazing members on here, and the forums act as a great way to meet some of the other clan members!

Remember, ranks are earned, not given, and only the most active, mature, and hardest-working will achieve the highest ranks. You should not feel discouraged, but instead proud of yourself when you do achieve a promotion. If you follow the pointers above, as well as the clan chat rules, promotions will definitely come! Remember, earning promotions isn't for everyone! If you'd rather play the game to enjoy it and never worry about promoting the clan, that is totally fine as well, as the clan politics aren't for everyone!
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How to Best Get Promoted
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