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 Hai, I'm ZedSoup c:

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PostSubject: Hai, I'm ZedSoup c:   Tue Dec 08, 2015 9:49 pm

Hey all :DDD

Gaming Information

Runescape Username (& alt accounts?) ZedSoups. I don't like that s on the end, but its necessary. >:C
How long have you gamed? Loong time. I can remember playing a pingu game when I was like... 6? Don't judge. It was fun, or at least, I remember it so.
First multiplayer game (if it wasn't your first ever game): Age of Empires. Though I might have played single player and cheated a lot.
How long have you played Runescape? I started in 2005, in time for the easter event, played until 2010, and at some point gave up on it. I've since (evidently) returned mid 2015 till present ^^
What games other than Runescape do you currently play actively? A good bit of Starcraft 2, reached diamond league 1v1 earlier today *hype*; Planetside 2, as VS on Miller, should you want to join, and finally I dabble in other things, like osu.

Personal Information

Name: Eva Luna Pringle
Location: England, ~1h west of London in Buckinghamshire
Hobbies: Not much, I game and kill time a lot.
Favourite Food(s) Pasta, pesto, fried halloumi, some nice beef tomatoes and basil leaves. :33
Favourite Music: Mostly electronic stuff, I guess favouring DnB, favouring from that Liquid DnB ...but then also everything else except RnB and most rap ^^
Dislikes: Boredom. I fight with it a lot. The idea of the inevitability of dying alone and unloved in a ditch.
Favourite TV Show(s): Supernatural, does RWBY count? That's kinda cool.
Favourite Movies(s): Inception, most Marvel films, A Beautiful Mind, anything Pixar does, House of Flying Daggers, V for Vendetta. There are several others here, but I'd just plarp it out and nobody would read any of them c:
Picture of self: I normally don't look this fancy.

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PostSubject: Re: Hai, I'm ZedSoup c:   Wed Dec 09, 2015 7:49 am

Pingu games were awesome Very Happy I've played them too when i was little Embarassed Tootoot!
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Hai, I'm ZedSoup c:
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